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Healthy Meals For Weight Loss

One of the biggest struggles I see when helping clients reach their weight loss goals is that they don’t have a good system in place for ensuring proper nutrition. This includes either time constraints, or not knowing what to eat so they reach for that frozen dinner in the freezer or order a pizza in defeat. But weight loss doesn’t have to be hard!

pizza and wings

A Balanced Approach to Weight Loss


We know that nutrition is the key to weight loss and being healthy. It doesn’t matter if you workout 2 hours a day if what you’re fueling your body with is junk.

That’s why this pack of 40 five-ingredient recipes is the first step to finally taking back control of your health. 

easy recipes for weight loss
meal plan shopping list


Okay but I don’t have 2 hours to spend at the store either shopping for everything.

No worries, we got that covered too! Not only will you get 40 delicious five-ingredient recipes, but you’ll also get a shopping list for a weekly meal plan. It’s truly a complete done-for-you system to help keep you accountable and on track to reaching your goals.


Remember the key to success is consistency and planning. That’s why we’ve combined simple and quick recipes with a weekly meal planner and shopping list. The more streamlined your nutrition process is, the easier it is to stick to.

Your Success Kit

You get 40 delicious and easy-to-make recipes that take only 5 ingredients! It’s perfect for those always on the go or who simply want something that’s easy, yet healthy.